Announced in March, 2018

SIZE:length × width × height : 2585×1295×1550(mm)


Minimum Ground Clearance:150mm

Tread:Front 1,110mm/Rear 1,110mm

Seating Capacity:4 persons

Motor Type:In-Wheel Motor
Maximum Power : 10kW
Maximum torque : 560Nm

Maximum Speed:80km

Cruising Distance:166km<NEDC>

Kerb weight : 620kg(With Battery and Option)

Battery:2.96kWh × 4(Li-ion)

Charging Time:7.5Hours

■Swapping Battery System

Equipped with detachable cassette type

lithium ion battery.

■Steering Accelerator System

With high space utilization efficiency and new steering system of accelerator by hands.

■In-Wheel Motor System

Reduces assembly parts by modularization

Materializing the world smallest class mobility.

■Battery Cloud

“Battery cloud” system manages battery information by smartphone.


Electric Vehicle that adapts itself to environment in Thailand that floods often happen.

(*1)Equipped with flood countermeasure function to float on water.

(*2)Able to move on water surface with the original wheels in case of emergency.


SIZE:length × width × height : 2495×1295×1550mm

Seating Capacity:4 persons

Motor Type:In Wheel Motor
Maximum Power : 10kW
Maximum torque : 560Nm

Kerb weight : 460kg

(Withoit Battery)

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