We, FOMM Corporation, are R & D oriented mobility manufacturer specializing in planning and developing compact mobility with an innovative design and technology.  Having devoted ourselves in developing compact electric vehicle which is suitable in moving a short distance (First One Mile) and necessary infrastructure for the vehicle, we have started to mass-produce our 4-seater compact electric vehicle “FOMM ONE” in March 2019.

The world’s smallest class

4-seater Electric Vehicle

about "FOMM ONE"

”FOMM ONE" supports driving with 5 functions.

Our Technology

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"FOMM" is a comprehensive mobility company that develop vehicles
are best for short-distance move, and proposes "how to ride" and "how to use".
Our Service

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FOMM Corporation
Kawasaki Business Incubation Center Honkan214, 7-7
Shinkawasaki, Saiwai-ku
Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 212-0032, JAPAN

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